В. Н. Яворовский, П. А. Корнийченко, Д. Н. Надводнюк


On the base of theoretical research of blanking a rectangular plate made of thin steel metal carried out with using software environment DEFORM-3D the experimental tests of blanking a round part ∅20,3 mm made of various materials are performed. These are steel 20, brass Л68, technical copper M1 and aluminum alloy АМц-Н2, also of various thickness: 0,15; 0,5 and 1 mm. Numerous experiments bring to improving blank quality: achievement of 8…11 qualitat of accuracy, roughness of shear surface Ra 1…1,5, more less burr height and absence of shear taper. To measure all these parameters module is used for measuring shapes, which is compiled on the basis mod.296 profilometer for measuring surface roughness Ra in the range of 0.02-10 microns long track measuring 0.1-6 mm. Action module based on the principle of the investigated surface feeling diamond stylus tip having a small radius of curvature at the vertex, and converting resulting mechanical vibrations with a probe measurement of the electrical signal proportional to these fluctuations. It is supposed that all improvements in quality of the shear surface are connected with eliminating fracture phase. Dependence between the mechanical parameters of the process cutting sheet material gives the prerequisites for use of the theory of flexible shells theoretical justification for cutting punching process.


blanking; deflection; accuracy; roughness; burr; elastic shell


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20535/2305-9001.2013.69.29019


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