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Purpose: The aim is to research information about machine tool assemblies as coordinate, coordinate-force and rotary tables that simplify the design of equipment while maintaining the quality of treatment and expand the technological capabilities of machines in the processing complicated profile details.

Approach: Simulation of output accuracy of the machine allows determining the impact on the accuracy of workpieces errors in its deployment and contact deformations in the system of installation and movement of clamping devices, positioning and feeding the workpieces in the cutting zone. Making simulation requires inputting data about characteristics and design features of said devices, i.e. it is necessary to study, analyze and structure the relevant information. Typical machine tables designs of leading companies are reviewed comparing their technical characteristics.

Findings: Information research materials are presented in this article has shown that, despite the diversity of designs of modular clamping systems and rotary and rotary-dividing tables represented on the market, they have many similarities in concept and constructive implementation. Detailed classification and summary of modular workholding systems would allow to take into account their impact on precision machining


Machine tool units; tables of machine tool; calculation of precision; shaping theory of systems; standard variants of design machine tool units


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20535/2305-9001.2014.70.35256


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