Л. Г. Козлов, Артем Олегович Товкач


Circuit of the mechatronic hydraulic drive, based on a variable-displacement pump and a controller, is presented. The hydraulic drive provides constant power supply from the engine to the actuating hydraulic cylinder. Constant-power mode is provided by the controller that forms a certain algorithm to control the hydraulic drive pump. Mathematical model of the mechatronic hydraulic drive has been elaborated, investigation of the working processes in dynamic modes has been carried out. Influence of the mechatronic drive design parameters on dynamic characteristics was determined. It has been found that increase of such control system design parameters as sizes of the throttle and the damper in the pump control system reduces setting and overshooting periods in the hydraulic drive, but increases power losses. In order to meet the requirements to the mechatronic hydraulic drive, optimization in the three-parameter space was performed according to the criterium that included setting and overshooting periods as well as the amount of losses in the pump control system.


mechatronic hydraulic drive; pump control algorithm; hydraulic drive characteristics; optimization parameters; optimization criterium; optimal parameters


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20535/2305-9001.2016.78.79008


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