Микола Сергійович Шидловський, Ігор Альбертович Лазарєв, Ольга Станіславівна Мусієнко


Purpose. The study is to determine the characteristics of strength and rigidity of the system "femur - the catch" in a disposable hollow defect of the proximal femur osteosynthesis with different types of clamps. Design/methodology/approach. For the biomechanical studies synthetic the model of the femur consisted of polymer composite materials with physical properties that are close to the physical properties of cortical and spongy bone tissue and intended for human biomechanical studies in medicine was taken. For testing three samples biomechanical model of femoral defect formed hollow and various types of clamps (LSP, FIN, ABP) were placed in a test machine with ensuring alignment and application of load recorded by the distal epiphysis bones in the lower terminals on the moving traverse. Measurement of P was carried out with the dynamometer, the load on the bone was passed through the rigid core. Findings. Testing samples for the short-term compression load to detect the ultimate tensile strength and strain identified: scrapping all samples occurred at indicators load significantly exceeded the forces acting on the bone under physiological stress, indicating the effectiveness of these methods of osteosynthesis. Originality/value. Our results are clinically important and can improve treatment.


fibrous dysplasia; osteosynthesis; biomechanical characteristics; femur; cortical and spongy bone tissue


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