No 2(86) (2019)

Table of Contents


Estimation of limit state for quasi-isotropic [90°/± 45°/0°]S AS4/3501-6 carbon/epoxy under uniaxial and biaxial loads PDF (Українська)
V. Rubashevskyi, S. Shukayev 7-13
The wear resistance research of the rail contact surface depending on the grinding process PDF
Pavlo Protsenko, Yurii Borodii, Mykola Bobyr, Eckart Uhlmann, Janis Thalau, Pavlo Lypovka 14-22
About calculations of composite plate tensile failure in cross-section with bolt hole of single-shear bolted joint PDF (Русский)
Konstantin Rudakov, Yury Dyfuchyn 23-33
Investigation of the second main problem of the theory of elasticity for a layer with several cylindrical cavities PDF (Українська)
V. Yu. Miroshnikov 34-43
Thermal barrier coatings on niobium-based alloys structural materials PDF
V. P. Babak, V. V. Shchepetov, T. T. Suprun, O. V. Kharchenko, S. D. Kharchenko 44-50

Up-to-date machines and the technologies of mechanical engineering

Chatter suppression technologies for metal cutting PDF
Y. V. Petrakov 51-60
Systematization of technological principles of precision laser mashining PDF (Українська)
V. Kotlyarov, S. Shklyar, M. Sergienko 61-76
To the question of classification of combined working metals processes during the analysis of kinematics of the deformation zone PDF
І. V. Dobrov, А. V. Semichev, E. P. Morozenko 77-83
Velocity fields of vortex flow inside cross streamlined semi-cylindrical groove PDF (Українська)
V. N. Turick, V. A. Voskoboinick, O. A. Voskoboinick, A. V. Voskoboinick 84-92
Pilot testing of development wells technology to restore performance PDF
O. G. Semenyaka, S. I. Kushnarov, V. I. Kotsaba, V. B. Volovetskyi, O. M. Shсhyrba 93-104
Determination of geometrical parameters of the diamond gear hones for the finishing of gears PDF (Українська)
Michael Storchak, Yuriy Danylchenko 105-117
Development of recommendations for computer-aided design of profiled upsetting workpieces PDF (Українська)
О. E. Markov, V. N. Zlygorev, О. V. Gerasimenko, V. V. Panov, R. Yu. Zhytnikov, U. O. Ivanova 118-124
Corrosive and tribocorrosive behavior of plasma powder coatings PDF (Українська)
M. S. Khoma, I. О. Ryabtsev, V. A. Vynar, Kh. B. Vasyliv, N. B. Ratska, V. R. Ivashkiv 125-129

Aviation Systems and Technologies

The dimensional stability assessment of the composite honeycomb panel for the conditions of thermal and gravitational loading in a Near-Earth Orbit PDF (Русский)
M. Kryshchuk, V. Maslyey, S. Shukaev, J. Lavendels 130-137
Surface Modification Processes for Use in LEO, GEO and Planetary Environments PDF
Jacob I. Kleiman 138-145