Vol 79, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Stress concentration in nonlinear viscoelastic composites PDF
B. Maslov 5-10
Static calculation of the “Spindle unit” elastic system by using transfer matrices method PDF
Yu. M. Danylchenko, Michael Storchak 11-18
Numerical modelling of bolted composite joints. Bolts rigidity effect on normal stresses in the composite layers PDF
Y. Dyfuchyn, K. Rudakov 19-25
Laser transformation hardening effect on hardening zone features and surface hardness of tool steel AISI D2 PDF
D. Lesyk, V. Dzhemelinskyi, S. Martinez, А. Lamikiz, О. Dаnylеikо, V. Hyzhevskyi 26-33
Programming of adaptive machining for end milling PDF
Y. Petrakov, D. Shuplietsov 34-40
Possibilities of using stability lobe diagram for stability prediction of high speed milling of thin-walled details PDF
Yu. Vnukov, A. Germashev, V. Logominov, V. Kryshtal 41-48
Theoretical estimation of fatigue life under regular cyclic loading PDF
Oleh Herasymchuk, Olena Herasymchuk 49-56
Rigidity of the affected femurs with systems of surgical treatment PDF
N. Shidlovskiy, M. Dyman, A. Ilnitsky, V. Shytikov 57-63
System representation of objects in the context of the practical tasks solving PDF
O. Uzunov 64-70
The structure of inertial flows in a fuel tank with guide baffles PDF
V. Kovalev 71-75
Study of geometry angles forming a coaxial nozzle to performance of laser fusion powder composition PDF (Українська)
P. Kondrashev 76-81
Engineering method for research of stress state in concentration areas of welded joints with symmetrical reinforcement PDF (Русский)
А. Moltasov, P. Tkach, S. Motrunich 82-90
The simulation of radial-backward extrusion processes of hollow parts PDF (Русский)
Leila Aliievа, Natalia Grudkina, Karsten Krueger 91-99
Dynamic control of vibrations during turning PDF (Українська)
V. Zaloha, Ju. Shapoval, К. Drofa, D. Krivoruchko 100-107
Mechanical properties of surface layer of cutting elements from polycrystalline superhard composites based on cubic boron nitride PDF (Русский)
S. Klimenko, А. Manokhin, N. Belousova, М. Kheifets, I. Zakiev, A. Kolmakov, E. Nasakina 108-114
P. Sidorenko, R. Ryzhov, V. Kochubey 115-119