Vol 80, No 2 (2017)

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Table of Contents

Editorial invited article

Electricity generation in the world and Ukraine: Current status and future developments PDF
Alexander Zvorykin, Igor Pioro, Nataliia Fialko 5-24
Modeling educational process optimization in the development of individual creativity by extending modality skills of the learners PDF
Е. А. Gafarova, V. A. Belevitin, Y. N. Smyrnov 25-30

Original study

Development of the choice procedure for separation method of section iron using complex criteria of materials destruction PDF
Sergej Karnauh 31-38
Characteristics of throttles in hydraulic shock absorber considering temperature changes of fluid PDF
Igor Nochnichenko, Oleksandr Uzunov 39-44
Determination of dynamic characteristics of multi-layer carbon plastic structures of high-resolution scanner PDF (Русский)
V. Masley, N. Kryshchuk 45-51
Damage of structural materials at low cycle loading conditions PDF (Русский)
V. Koval 52-58
Modernization of the vacuum gripper of the mobile walking robot PDF (Українська)
M. Polyshchuk 59-64
Hot forming hollow products from high strength aluminum alloy with required treatment of metal structure by plastic deformation PDF
V. Kaljuzny, V. Gornostay, A. Gulyuk, Ya. Oleksandrenko 65-70
Numerical simulation of cold forging process to investigate folding defect in enclosed dies PDF
Payman Abhari 71-77
Study of repeated laser treatment on structure and properties aged duralyumin PDF (Українська)
A. Lutay, L. Golovko, O. Kaglyak 78-84
O. Markov, M. Kosilov, О. Gerasimenko, S. Shevtsov 85-91
Influence cooling to 213 K for strength rail steel PDF (Українська)
N. Opravkhata, L. Novogrudskii, O. Kachura 92-97
Effective conception of regresion analysis PDF (Українська)
S. Radchenko 98-106
Analysis of methods for determination of the constants of elasticity unidirectional layer composite materials PDF (Українська)
V. Rubashevskyi, M. Zarazovskii, S. Shukyev 107-112
Performance increase of ultrasound liquid sprayers PDF (Русский)
А. Zilinskyi, V. Fesich, О. Luhovskyi, А. Lavrynenkov 113-122
Study of energetic balance of the hydraulic system with fixed displacement pump and pressure relief valve PDF
О. Levchenko 123-133