В. А. Румбешта, Н. В. Гнатейко, Н. И. Штефан


This paper investigates the causes of dynamic oscillatory processes in the manufacturing system on the example of turning machining. The reasons of the dynamics of the process of turning parts in the form of changing parameters of chip due to manufacturing errors procurement previous operations, changes in strength of the workpiece on the physical and thermal processes for manufacturing a preform and offset when installing and fixing. In article describes the results of the analysis vibrations dynamics models in turning metals, them of modeling and of degrees influences for the characteristic quality machining working. In the scope of this article does not include research and analysis of all machining errors. Analyzes the response processing system - cutting machine dynamics and appearance due to a secondary front in the most dynamic elastic, multi-element, mechanical system of the machine and the error arising from this treatment of the above reasons. This article provides only investigation of so-called group of dynamic errors in turning caused by the dynamics of the manufacturing system, which is manifested in the form of vibration oscillatory processes. On the basis of many researchers analyze the causes of dynamic modes in all elements of the manufacturing system was established that the dynamics of such pathogens are three reason groups: cutting process, kinematic external factors, elastic elements vibration




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