• Валерій Павлович Котляров National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine
  • Віктор Леонідович Дубнюк National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine



laser, technology, tempering, modes of irradiation, integrating optics


Purpose. Creation of planning technological bases of laser hard-facing operations (planning algorithm, database and technological rigging) and approbation of the developed method is in the real tasks.

Methodology approach. Development of heat conductivity equalization numeral decisions correct methods for the use as equalization of connection in the tasks of purveyance irradiation optimum terms search. The main condition of the got decisions correctness is an account of temperature dependence of good material thermophysical and optical properties and its surface.

Findings. It is set that for the decision search as a set of the process guided parameters the heat conductivity equalization reverse decision to is needed with the use of sizes and work-hardening area form as basic data. It is certain that for a management sizes and cross-sectional form of hard-tempered layer of material to the traditional list of parameters it is necessary to add radiation power distributing in the area of treatment.

Originality.A few charts and construction of LTE optical system turning mirror are offered, which can operatively change sizes and irradiation area form and its saturation energy of radiation. The executed researches are realized for tempering with an irradiation on the front surface of metal-cutting instrument cutting wedge (lathe chisel or butt-end milling cutter).


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