А. С. Каиров, С. А. Моргун


The problem of turbine engines bladed disks with circular damping links forced vibration has been studied. All calculations have been provided for the two main disk’s types, used in the turbo machinery manufacturing.
Purpose. The new adaptive mathematical model of turbine engine bladed disks with circular damping links forced vibration should be developed by means of finite elements method.
Design/methodology/approach. Borrowed from the literature on finite elements method main mathematical models and some types of the finite elements can’t be used for the correct description of the foregoing problem. The matter is that turbine blades and disks have constructional non-homogeneity, which hardly ever could be correctly explained, using well-known finite elements and their mathematical dependences. On the other hand the variable aerodynamic force influence has also been taken into consideration. That is why the new model, which consists of sections, including disk’s sector, the whole blade and parts of damping links, has been developed. The finite elements methodology has been used for the forced vibration frequencies and amplitudes of this section calculation. Such approach gives an opportunity to describe the forced vibration of the whole bladed disk as the superposition of the developed sections.
Findings. It is found that even non-homogeneous turbine engine’s bladed disks’ forced vibration problem could be correctly solved by means of finite elements model, using the newly developed mathematical model, which consists of bladed disk’s sections.
Originality/ value. The developed mathematical model and main dependences could be used for the turbine’s and compressor’s bladed disks under non-stationary aerodynamic force vibration problem solution.


Forced vibration; damping links; non-stationary aerodynamic force; oscillation frequencies and amplitudes; finite elements method.


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