Ю. В. Петраков, Д. П. Ковальчук


New method for increase of accuracy of lathe treatment, which consists in a hypothesis that all of required aposteriori information about the cutting process, machine-tool and instrument, necessary for forming of control, is contained in the machining detail are presented in the paper. It is suggested to cut away all of allowance for two passage-ways, after the first passage-way to execute measuring of detail form and based on its results to calculate the adjusted trajectory on the second final passage-way. For the calculation of the adjusted trajectory a mathematical model and proper algorithm are developed. The design of the offered method confirmed correctness of developed method fully. Practical verification and development of industrial software product is planned for realization of the method on CNC machine-tools. It is recommended to apply a method for a treatment of big, responsible details or non-rigid details with high demands of accuracy.


correction of shape-generating trajectory; control on aposteriori information; CNC lathes


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