М. А. Новік, В. Є. Дідовець


Purpose. The goal of this work is to develop and research the multiposition rotary-progressive actuator with digital control.
Design/methodology/approach. In industrial robots with two or more degrees of mobility mainly autonomous linear displacement actuators and angular rotation actuators are used. When using such drives, a challenge of combining constructive and kinematic functionality emerges. Solving this problem results in an increase of the overall size and complexity of the kinematic joint connection between the two drives. Various schemes of multiposition drives with digital and unitary control codes, for both progressive and the rotational motion to the output link have been considered. Proposed is an original digital electro-pneumatic rotary-progressive actuator, which is fairly compact and has a simple kinematic connection between its links. A mathematical calculation model for basic parameters of the drive has been developed, and the dependence of torque and direct force of digital electro-pneumatic rotaryprogressive actuator on the number of digits of the pneumatic digital actuator has been analysed.
Findings. Research has shown that the use of the proposed combined multiposition rotary-progressive drive with digital control considerably simplifies the construction and upgrades the functionality of industrial robots.
Originality/value. The results of the research may be useful for specialists who develop and operate multi-position rotaryprogressive actuators with digital control.


electric stepper motor; industrial robots; static force; digital drive; hydraulic volume dosers; increment; capacity.


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