• О. М. Чемерис The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Instityte”, Kyiv, Ukraine



a plate sliding, frequencies, forms


Desing/methodology/approach. The round ring plate has the jammed internal and sliding external support. It allows exterior edge to shift on a normal to a plate surface. At symmetric and asymmetrical fluctuations of a plate and at various correlations of internal and external diameter of a round ring plate in the work determined fundamental frequency and radiuses of central circles. The decision of the equation of fluctuations of a plate is constructed in the form of the sum of Bessel function which multiplied by four constants. Four homogeneous equations concerning the given constants are made. These equations conform to equality to zero of siftings and angles of turn on internal edge and equality to zero of angle of turn and shear force on an external butt-end of a plate. Equating zero a determinant of this system, we find a frequency determinant. At various correlations of diameters of a plate fundamental frequencies symmetric (n=0) fluctuations and radiuses of knot diameters are found at (s=1, 2, 3), as well as asymmetrical forms (n=1, 2; s=1, 2, 3).Results of the work can be used at the approached definition of fundamental frequencies and forms of fluctuations of plates of the piston of an internal combustion engine.


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