И. М. Хоменко, В. А. Сафонов, А. М. Хоменко


This article discusses the possible methods of lifting systems, the main cranes inside the protective shell over the places of major radiation accidents. By the example of the "Shelter-2" authors systematize the basic engineering problems that will be relevant in the construction of protective sheaths over any other duty of radiation accidents. Focuses on the methodology of the main crane system for dismantling of the destroyed equipment and facilities. In this paper, we propose to use one of three possible options for recovery with the help of «strand jacks». Special emphasis is placed on the “self-lifting” method« strand jacks » on the stretched rope. According to preliminary estimates, this method requires the lowest costs for preparation and dismantling of lifting equipment after work.


Special emphasis is placed on the “self-lifting” method« strand jacks » on the stretched rope

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