O. П. Заховайко, В. В. Костюченко, Н. В. Манзик


Purpose.Justification of optimum heat treatment of ball transfer unit body was developed and patented by "Victoria Ltd." (Ukraine). These modes of heat treatment had to assure the maximum carrying capacity of ball transfer unit and its ability to withstand the load impact with given impact energy. Also the state of unit operability was investigated subject to applied static loading.

Design/methodology/approach. The special experimental equipment was designed and manufactured for research. It allowed to simulate the real working conditions of ball transfer unit during the experiments. Entire test cycle was divided into three phases. Initially the units were subjected to impact loading with falling weight under increasing impact energy up to destruction of a body. The influence of steel body hardness on unit dynamic strength was estimated. Then samples of ball transfer units were loaded with static forces applied to central ball. Maximum failure load was determined and real safety factors were calculated subject to body hardness. Also unit operability at maximum load was investigated. It was estimated by possibility of full twisting central ball in the unit body.

Findings.Optimum regimes of hardening of the body and the actual ultimate load safety factor at the normal loading of the unit were defined.

Originality.New results on structural strength of ball transfer unit with steel punching body were obtained


ball transfer unit; strength; performability; deformation; fracture; static and dynamic loading


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