В. П. Шевченко, О. И. Власов, В. А. Каиров


Free oscillations of the thin, elastic reinforced cylindrical shells with attached solid bodies have been researched. The comparison analysis results of the obtained experimental data with the the results of calculation are also given.
Purpose. The experimental decision of the reinforcing stringers and attached solid bodies influence on the thin elastic nonhomogeneous shells constructions’ free oscillations forms and frequencies.
Design/methodology/approach. The results of thin elastic reinforced steel cylindrical shells with attached solid bodies free oscillations forms and frequencies experimental decision are given. The experimental methodology and the apparatus used in this experiment are also described. Amplitudes and frequencies of the investigated shells were obtained on the special vibration apparatus according to the resonance procedure by the usage of holographic interferometry method. The interferograms of several oscillation forms have been obtained. The interferograms’ contrast range was achieved by laser ray’s optical disk usage. It was also researched the influence of the construction features on the shells’ frequencies and amplitudes. The analysis of the obtained results is also attached.
Findings. The influence of reinforcing stringers and attached solid bodies on the shells’ oscillation forms and frequencies has been researched. The dependencies between oscillation frequencies and different oscillation forms wave numbers have been obtained too. The lowest and the medium frequencies’ spectrums were also investigated.
Originality/value. The developed methodology and obtained experimental data can be used for turbine engines frames and other shell constructions, which are used in modern technique, vibrodurability increase.


Free oscillation; Cylindrical shells; Reinforced ribs; Solid attached bodies; Holographic interferometry.


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