• V. Vyshynsky National metallurgical academy of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, Ukraine



cold rolling mill tubes, the main power line, mobile working stand, twin slider-crank mechanism, the device periodically feed deformation zone, the line rotation, the control module, pressure device


Purpose. Modernization of cold-rolled pipes mills in order to increase functionality, regardless of their physical wear and tear. Design/methodology/approach. Constantly increasing demands on the pipe geometry and properties of materials perfectly satisfied by cold rolling (HPT), which evolves by optimizing the modes of deformation and improvement of equipment for its implementation. It offers system-modular approach to modernize the equipment of cold rolling mills, realizing one of the few non-waste technologies for the production of products with high consumer characteristics. The main producers of cold-rolled pipes mills (company SMS Meer and NGOs EZTM) more than a 80 year period of existence and development of technology HPT released about a thousand mill pipe diameters from 4 to 450 mm. Findings. System-modular approach to the unit that implements the method of production of goods HPT, based on the analysis of both technological and regime of the functioning of its mechanisms, and design options for their execution and layout, allows efficient use of the existing equipment and, if necessary, to expand its capabilities. The growing demand for cold-rolled tube can be satisfied both by the modernization of existing units and replacing them with new ones. For the design and manufacture of advanced mill HPT Ukraine has not only technical capabilities but also professionals able to offer solutions at the level of the best world standards. Originality/value. As part of undergoing a painful restructuring of the Ukrainian pipe production is more than 200 cold rolling mills pipes of different sizes and constructive accomplishments. This production will be effective in diversification - "merging" with the production of final products (for example, the production of ball bearing steel and bearing production at factories of the company "Timken" USA; production of heat exchangers in a SMPO them. Frunze, production and sale of precision tubes stainless and alloy steels, titanium alloys and refractory metals Dnepropetrovsk plant of precision tubes and special).

Author Biography

V. Vyshynsky, National metallurgical academy of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

PhD National metallurgical academy of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


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