coherent vortical structures, semi-cylindrical trench, boundary layer, thermoanemometer, powder-like visualization, current structure control


The purpose of research is search and testing of new means of coherent vortical structures control in boundary layers, what can be used for control of heat and mass transfer processes. Experimental study of current inside semi-cylindrical trench on flat surface was carried out in the wind-channel of the opened type using thermoanemometer and powder-like method of visualization. Investigation was realized in semi-cylindrical cavity which was disposed across to undisturbed stream for the flow Reynolds number according to length of plate (from its beginning to the trench midpoint) 1.23×105. Ratio of cavity diameter to its length was 0.23. The coherent vortical structures inside of trench were discovered and investigated for cases of absence and existence of control actions by means of setting along the trench length of various screens on leading edge of cavity regarding to the incident flow and also on back edge of cavity. It is shown that depending from different location of screens it is possible to influence substantially on a vortex motion in cavity, and choice of certain configuration of controlling screens gives the possibility to obtain or the complete preservation of monodispersible powder in cavity, either, if is necessary, complete breaking out of powder from cavity. Thus applied control means allow to comprehend and to employ the mechanism of current structure control and accordingly heat and mass transfer processes on exposed surfaces of aircraft, cosmic, marine, power technique.

Author Biographies

Володимир Миколайович Турик, Institute of Mechanical Engineering Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv 37 Peremogy Avenue, case 1, auditory 255-1, Kyiv, Ukraine

PhD, associate professor

Applied hydroairmechanics and mechatronic department

Володимир Анатолійович Воскобійник, Institute of Hydromechanics of NAS of Ukraine

Відділ гідробіоніки та керування примежовим шаром, провідний науковий співробітник

Андрій Володимирович Воскобійник, Institute of Hydromechanics of NAS of Ukraine

Відділ гідробіоніки та керування примежовим шаром, старший науковий співробітник


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