Numerical model of the pneumatic diaphragm actuator


  • Aleksandr Kovalenko CHERKASY STATE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, Cherkasy, Ukraine



diaphragm, actuator, numerical model, effective area, non-linear diaphragm rigidity.


The paper deals with the development of the numerical model of a pneumatic diaphragm actuator to be used in numerical modeling and investigation of such systems as automobile suspension and braking systems, machine tool devices, pressure control valves, etc. The key point of the investigation was development of the diaphragm model and its key parameter - effective area. It has been found that the accurate enough diaphragm effective area can be determined as a function of readily available and easily measurable parameters such as the rigid center displacement, pressures in the chambers, diaphragm dimensions, and its material physical properties. The accuracy of the model was assessed by testing the diaphragm itself and in simulation of various technical systems with pneumatic diaphragm actuators.


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