Features of repairing polimer composite parts with self-contained repair equipment


  • O. V. Andrieiev Antonov company, Kiev, Ukraine
  • B. V. Lubkin National aerospace university named Gukovskiy «KHAI», Kharkov, Ukraine
  • V. S. Petropolskyy Antonov company, Kiev, Ukraine
  • V. S. Nitka Antonov company, Kiev, Ukraine




composite material, self-contained repair equipment, repair, design and technological solutions, thermo blanket, heating, vacuumization, curing, defect, technology


This paper covers development of repair procedures for the polymer composite (PC) structures using the off-line repair equipment (ORE). The ORE capabilities and examples of use are described. Several design and technological solutions for repair of PC components with the use of ORE directly on the aircraft have been developed. Procedures for repair of defective areas in the PC components of the transport aircraft are described.

Strength properties and reparability have been analyzed upon completion of the activities. Recommendations on the use of ORE during repair on the aircraft in the field conditions have been developed. 



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O. V. Andrieiev, B. V. Lubkin, V. S. Petropolskyy, and V. S. Nitka, “Features of repairing polimer composite parts with self-contained repair equipment”, Mech. Adv. Technol., vol. 84, no. 3(84), pp. 69–74, Dec. 2018.



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