Development of a compact pulsed ejector: performance assessment from measured aerodynamic characteristics


  • Nina Yurchenko Laboratory for Advanced Aerodynamics and Interdisciplinary Research, Institute of Hydromechanics, Nat. Academy of Sci., Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Pavlo Vynogradskyy Laboratory for Advanced Aerodynamics and Interdisciplinary Research, Institute of Hydromechanics, Nat. Academy of Sci., Kyiv, Ukraine



pulse ejector, airbag inflation, measurement, pressure fields, entrainment (ejection, aspiration) ratio


The investigation aims at the development of an efficient ejector applicable to the inflation system of automobile airbags.

The work consists in the design of the ejector together with an appropriate testing facility and a measurement complex. The experiment is planned in three parts, measurement of pressure fields, high-speed video recording of the airbag inflation using the designed ejector, and measurement of the entrainment (aspiration) ratio. For that, a few basic elements are built. They are the pneumatic facility with a specially designed high-speed valve as its key element, the data acquisition, and processing system controlled remotely to analyze pressure probe rake signals, and the stand to measure entrainment ratio values depending on the ejector geometry and motive pressure values.

To satisfy the given engineering requirements, supersonic pulse aspirators are developed in various design versions, manufactured, and tested in the Laboratory for Advanced Aerodynamics. Analysis of a number of experimentally obtained results showed their good mutual concordance and a possibility to get the “cold-gas” aspiration ratio, A=3.16 – 1.57, depending on the motive pressure. The new device has obvious advantages compared to the conventional pyrotechnic type: (1) provides their safe operation with big airbags of the autonomous car, (2) eliminates injuries to occupants since aspirated airbags stop inflating on contact with any object within a vehicle.



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