Тhe operability analysis of spindle-motor hybrid electromechanical systems


  • Katerina Oliinyk Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ukraine




electromagnetic chromosome; hybrid electromechanical structure; combined electromechanical systems; spindle motor; innovative synthesis; multi-coordinate drilling-milling machine; main motion drive; carrier system


Motor-spindles are belong to a special class of complex dynamic systems of natural and natural-anthropogenic origin, which can be realized both translational and rotational motion, and represent a variety of developing species. Such systems are used in metalworking complexes, lathes, milling, drilling, grinding, multi-purpose and other machines. In modern designs of spindle units rolling bearings, hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, gas-static (aerostatic), gas-dynamic (aerodynamic), magnetic bearings and their combinations (hybrids) are used, for example, gas-magnetic (gas-static bearings with a magnetic suspension that allows to provide rotational frequencies) up to 10-20 thousand rpm, and in drilling and milling and grinding up to 100-200 thousand rpm and above. With the further development of technology in the machine-building industry, motor-spindles began to appear, which are able to realize the movement of the feed by means of gears and couplings, using pneumatic systems. They are also able to realize the movement of in using hydraulic systems, using screw gears. The design concepts of hybrid and combined the motor spindles, received by results of structural anticipation on the basis of use of innovative synthesis methods of hybrid electromechanical systems are considered. Results of mechanical calculations of rigidity and electromagnetic calculations are presented in the article.  On the ground of the calculation data the operability analysis of the electromechanical systems of motor spindles is made. To develop a morphological model, functional features were selected, which are systematized and divided into three groups in accordance with the modular principle.


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