Technology of welding and repair works of hydropower plants units




high-alloy weld metal, low carbon steel, transition zone, hydroelectric power station, cracks


In the course of long-term operation of hydroelectric units, they are subject to wear and tear, which negatively affects the power generating capacity of the hydroelectric power station. The existing repair technology provides the restoration of the geometric dimensions of the impeller chamber of the hydraulic unit using an austenitic cladding layer. However, this technology is characterized by the occurrence of cracks and delamination of the deposited layer during post-repair operation, which is negatively reflected in the production cycle of electricity. A new technology and welding consumables have been proposed for repair and restoration works of hydroelectric units at hydroelectric power plants, providing an increase in the quality level, high characteristics of hydroabrasive and cavitation resistance, and increasing of working period of hydroelectric power plants. Inspection of the body of the hydraulic unit was carried out, defects were identified and classified, the reasons for their occurrence were analyzed. The research results make possible to optimize the alloying system of the deposited metal, to determine the optimal welding mode, to reduce the amount of the martensite component and to develop new filler materials and the technology for welding and repair works of hydroelectric power plants.


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