Initial instrumental surface of modular millings on the basis of one-band hyperboloid for the manufacture of gear wheeled wheels




cutting tools, gears, production of gears, the end milling cutter of gears


This paper proposes a method for determining the parameters of a single-lane hyperboloid as the initial tool surfaces of finger modular mills for large-modular gears and design dependences for determining the parameters of a hyperboloid in which the deviation of its curvilinear axial profile will be minimal from the involute curve. The influence of the gear module and the number of teeth and the theoretical deviations from the involute profile that can be achieved with this method of replacing the original tool surface are calculated and studied. Recommendations for design are given and the design of schemes of cutting and cutting part of a finger mill on the basis of a hyperboloid at their realization by non-grinding carbide plates of rectangular form is offered that considerably improves manufacturability of production of such mills and reduces their cost. The advantages and disadvantages of such tools, which are made on the basis of hyperboloid in comparison with the tools of standard designs, are determined.


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O. Klochko, O. Okhrimenko, and M. Shapovalov, “Initial instrumental surface of modular millings on the basis of one-band hyperboloid for the manufacture of gear wheeled wheels”, Mech. Adv. Technol., vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 374–380, Dec. 2021.



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