Study of linear and angular oscillations of the moving platform of the ground robotic complex




vehicle, caterpillar, frequencies, mathematical model, transient processes, oscillations



Modern ground robotic complexes have a significant speed, which leads to the occurrence of vibrations of the platform and the manipulator. The problem is to develop highly efficient vehicles that take into account dynamic processes, and their impact is minimized by constructive solutions and dampers.



The purpose of the work is to study the dynamics of the moving platform of the robotic complex and establish its dynamic parameters. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of oscillatory processes, in particular, linear and cross-angular movements of the platform.


A dynamic model of the platform has been developed. It has three degrees of freedom and takes into account the working processes of caterpillars and rollers. The calculation scheme has six points of support on the surface. The method is based on finding the position of the rollers determined by the profile of the road surface.

The elastic-dissipative properties of the track and the surface are taken into account in the model. A research of the platform during its movement on a surface with a complex profile was carried out. Polyharmonic dependencies with random parameters are used to describe it.


The developed model determine the dynamic characteristics of the robotic platform during its interaction with irregularities of arbitrary shape. Based on the found equations of spherical motion, mathematical modeling of work processes was carried out, angular coordinates and angular speeds of platform rotation were determined.


The results of modeling the spherical movement of the platform correspond to the physical essence of work processes. These data are necessary for studying the dynamics of the manipulator of the mobile robotic complex. Minimization of platform oscillations improves the characteristics of ground robotic complexes moving at a high speed.


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