Modern Normative and Technical Support of Complex Technical Systems Projects




complex technical system, normative and technical documentation, life cycle, system approach, process approach, project approach


It is considered relevant to assess the potential of modern normative and technical support for programs/ life cycle projects of complex technical systems, which is based on system, process and project approaches, as well as on risk-oriented thinking, which is an integral condition for achieving (maintaining) competitiveness not only of products produced by the organization, but also the competitiveness of the organization itself.

To develop the procedure for evaluation of expediency of normative and technical documentation use in the field of project management and system engineering as a basis for the development of enterprise standards for science-intensive products life cycle ensuring.

For the analysis of the existing array of information materials for this problem, such criteria were proposed and substantiated, which allowed to perform a criterion analysis, involving a comprehensive analysis of the information material content, identification of criteria significant for the organization, and subsequent expert evaluation of sources of scientific and technical information. 

According to the results of the criterion analysis of the array of normative and technical documents that can be used by the domestic science-intensive sector of industry, the concepts of building of the programs/projects life cycle for the life cycle of complex technical systems were determined and recommended depending on the nature of the organizations' activities.               

The approach proposed allows to choose the basic concepts of normative documents as possible analogues for their use based upon the peculiarities of the enterprise's activity and the specifics of the science-intensive product.


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