Experience of designing and implementing integrated system of technological preparation of productionfor manufacturing new aircraft engines





integrated production preparation system, aircraft engine parts, system of automated design of process documents, subsystem of automated preparation of programs for CNC machines, subsystem of automated design of production equipment.


The technological preparation of production (TPV) is one of the key stages of the product life cycle (LPL) when designing and developing new aircraft engines. The TPV system foresees the use of the following instruments: CAD/CAM/CAE systems to ensure the implementation of the following operations: automated design, production and engineering calculations; Product Data Management systems (PDM) to ensure product data management; Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for the corporate resource planning. Note that the instruments above are combined into PLM-systems to provide information support for the TPV system. The paper reviews the experience of designing and implementing the integrated TPV system at Motor Sich JSC for the purpose of manufacturing new aircraft engines. The author presents a structural diagram of the implemented integrated system containing a complex of interdependent subsystems along with a description of the system of automated design of process documents, which provides for the on-line design of production processes. The paper gives a description of subsystem of automated preparation of programs for CNC machine tools, which is designed to calculate the trajectory of the cutting tool when machining geometrically complex parts of aircraft engines. The paper specifies the subsystem of automated design of technological equipment, which is in compliance with requirements for modern tool production. The author underlines that the system of automated design of production equipment saw the following design subsystems reaching the highest level of development: subsystems for designing cutting and gear machining tools; subsystems for designing machine tools; subsystems for designing the monitoring and metering instrument; subsystems for designing foundry and stamping equipment; subsystems for designing control of gear cutting tools as per electronic standards. It is noted that the automated subsystems of analyzing production processes allow for performing the following analyses: analyzing metal casting processes; analyzing stamping processes; analyzing cutting processes; analyzing gear-cutting processes. The author provides the following results of implementing the integrated system of technological preparation of production at Motor Sich JSC: i) The TPV period was increased by 1.2–1.5 times, and ii) The efficiency of design and construction works was raised by 3–3.5 times.


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