Mechatronic greenhouse microclimate temperature control system




mechatronic control system, microclimate, temperature, heat output, greenhouse


Sudden changes in air temperature and humidity have a negative impact on crop cultivation. Modern methods of regulating the microclimate of greenhouse facilities are mostly reduced to regulating the flow and temperature of air masses. The purpose of this work is to analyze the thermal radiation of a greenhouse facility and to create a mechatronic control system for heating elements. The simulation was performed for one day in the Kherson region (May 23, 2023). The effect of water vapor on thermal radiation and the mixed convection mechanism inside the greenhouse were not taken into account in the study. To simplify the analysis, the greenhouse was modeled without plants, as such a full simulation model is beyond the scope of this study. This analysis leads to an accurate estimate of the total heat transfer coefficient and heat flux of the greenhouse, which served as the basis for the creation and testing (plausibility check) of a simplified control program for the greenhouse microclimate system. The results of the study and the developed program for controlling heaters are suitable for use in control algorithms for the mechatronic greenhouse system to take into account cyclic daily changes in parameters.


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