Theoretical and experimental research of roughness parameters of the lantern wheel profile of gerotor, that are provided by grinding in continuously gear generating conditions


  • А. Gnatyuk Центральноукраїнський національний технічний університет, м.Кропивницький
  • О. Skibinskiy Центральноукраїнський національний технічний університет, м.Кропивницький
  • А. Kyrychenko Центральноукраїнський національний технічний університет, м.Кропивницький



lantern wheel, gerotor, grinding, roughness, grinding wheel, equidistant to epicycloid, micro unevennesses


The paper presents the results of the research of roughness parameters of the lantern wheel profile of gerotor, that are provided by grinding in continuously gear generating conditions. The results include the data obtained during the modeling of micro unevennesses forming and the results, that are obtained of measuring parameters of the roughness of the lantern wheels, the processing of which was carried out in the manufacturing. To perform the grinding operation, were used disc grinding wheels, the profile geometry of which provides gear generating continuous of the wheel profile with respect to the grinding wheel profile. To design of the tool profile, were involved a convex and a concave sections of the equidistant to epicycloid. The received theoretical and experimental results testify to advantage using of a profile on the basis of a concave site which provides in 2,5-2,7 times the best roughness at identical parameters of processing. It is established that the application of the tool profile, which has the same sign of curvature with the machined profile, positively influences for the surface roughness and tool durability.


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