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Author Guidelines

Our online submission system will guide you step-by-step through the manuscript submission process. 

Note, that all the correspondence with the journal and notification for manuscript acceptance is performed via email.

After familiarizing yourself with the submission process please follows this link to submit the manuscript.

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  1.   Introduction
    1. Introduction to the problem. Connecting the research with the existing knowledge.
    2. Short literature review introducing the background for the present research.
    3. Identification of knowledge gaps at which the current research is addressed.
  2.    Problem formulation
    1. State the aim and objectives of the paper
    2. Provide a comprehensive formulation of the problem
  3.    Main body of the research including methods, analysis and results
    1. The main body of the research should be presented in a clear and coherent manner and possess a logical structure.
    2. The main body of the paper should contain the profound analysis of the existing solutions of the stated problem when relevant.
    3. It should also contain the detailed description of the methods, approaches or models used in addressing the stated problem.
    4. The solutions of the stated problem should be provided in derailed and profoundly analysed drawing conclusions relevant to the general specialist auditory of readers.
    5. The adequacy and correctness of the solution or analysis should be supported by experimental and or numerical results and or verified against the existing results in the literature.
    6. The practical significance of the obtained results should be stated.
  4.    Conclusions or discussion
    1. Conclusions and discussion should contain the generic outcomes of the research presented in a compact manner and communicated in a form understandable by generally educated technical reader.
    2. Significance and practical value of the results should be discussed.
    3. Possible limitations and or sources of error should be discussed as well.
  5.     List of references
    1. This section should contain the list of references to the literature used in producing the material of the manuscript.
    2. The typical bibliography may contain approximately 10 sources.
    3. We encourage researchers to cite recent (5-7 years) publications from trustworthy and reputable journals or conferences indexed in SciVerse Scopus and Web of Science.

Paper style


  1. UDC number. This number corresponds to the journal specification
  2. Surname and name of each author by order of contribution
  3. Author affiliations
  4. Title of the paper. The title should be short and informative. No abbreviations, equations, citation or any special characters allowed


Should contain a short description of the key aspects of the paper expressed in simple words understandable to the general technical audience. It should convey the key findings of the paper and their significance. The maximum length of the abstract is 500 characters. The abstract may be submitted in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.


Provide several keywords that would help search engines identify your work. The keywords may be in English, Ukrainian or Russian.

 Main body

The order of appearance of structural elements is as follows:

  1. Header with UDC number, Author names, surnames, affiliations and email addresses.
  2. Paper Title
  3. Abstract
  4. The main body of the paper
  5. Appendices if relevant
  6. List of references

 The special terms and abbreviations used by the authors in the text of the manuscript should be either well-established in their field or they should be properly explained if used for the first time.

 The authors are required to use CI physical units everywhere in the manuscript.

 Floating headings are not allowed in the manuscript. Equations, figures, tables, sections must have a consistent Arabic numeration. The equations that are not referenced in the text should not be numbered. Tables must not duplicate graphic arts.

The references in the bibliography should be added in the order of appearance in the text. Referencing unpublished or incomplete work is not permitted.



Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The article has not been previously published and is not under consideration/review in any other journal.
  2. The author must state that he or she is familiar with requirements for manuscript submission and authorises the editorial board to publish the scientific paper in one of the upcoming issues of Mechanics and Advanced Technologies journal
  3. Issue a consent for the paper to be used in the digital databases to which the journal is linked.

Copyright Notice

The authors of the research paper published by the journal Mechanics and Advanced Technologies have the authorship and copyright of the submitted material. They authorise the editorial board to make the first publication of their original work. All papers are published in the journal are under Creative Commons Attribution License