Restoring bearing capacity of fiberglass overwrap of aviation cylinders for storing liquids, gases and fire – extinguishing compounds


  • Roman Kachmar State Enterprise "Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant", Lviv, Ukraine
  • Gheorghij Kryvov JSC "Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Dmytro Jermolin State Enterprise "Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant", Lviv, Ukraine
  • Valerij Matvijenko JSC "Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Boris Karpinos
  • Mykhailo Kainov Public joint-stock company “Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology” , Ukraine



aviation cylinder; bearing capacity; fiberglass overwrap; numerical research; stressed state; repair; fiberglass bandage; fiberglass fabric; patch; structural and technological parameters.


The article proposes a methodology for numerical research of stressed condition (SC) of aviation cylinders for storing liquids, gases and fire-extinguishing compounds in order to determine structural and technological parameters (STP) for repairing of defects in their fiberglass overwraps (FO) due to long-term operation and mechanical damages.

Structural and technological parameters for repair of FO using fiberglass bandages and fiberglass fabric patches аre determined on the examples of numerical research of SC of cylindrical and spherical cylinders.

According to developed methodology, STP for repairing of FO of cylinders make possible to select modern materials and technological equipment.


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Aviation Systems and Technologies