Trends in the world market of material processing equipment in 2002-2021




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The world engineering industry is an important component of the world economy. The production of material processing machines using the latest technologies contributes to the further increase in the efficiency of the world industry and the quality of products. The promotion of the newest models of machines to the markets of the countries of the world contributes to the harmonization of their development. Therefore, it is relevant to conduct an analysis of statistical data, technical and economic reviews of the world market of material processing machines for 2002-2021 by country and company, as well as to identify trade trends in the short term. It is shown that the world export of material processing equipment during 2002-2021. characterized by instability. If during 2002-2012 the average annual growth rate (CAGR) of the export of these goods was 9.1%, then in the period from 2012 to 2021 it decreased to -2.4%. Among the five product groups of machines, only the export of goods of the group "Machines for processing using physical and chemical methods" during 2002-2021. is characterized by a positive average annual growth rate of 3.8% CAGR. According to the results of 2021 China (share 18.8%), Japan (16.6%) and Germany (15.0%) formed the top three exporters of material processing machines using electrophysicochemical methods. The largest exporters of metalworking centers in 2021. were Japan (share 30.5%), Germany (20.4%) and Taiwan (10.0%). The leaders of the world export of metal-cutting lathes in 2021. were Japan (22.0% share), Germany (13.3%) and the Republic of Korea (11.3%), which together provided 46.6% of global sales. . According to the results of 2021 the market leaders of metal cutting machines (milling, drilling, etc.) are Germany (19.9% share), Italy (13.2%) and China (12.6%), and their combined share is 45.7%. . The world market of grinding machines is dominated by companies from Germany (22.3%), Japan (14.8%), and Switzerland (14.1%). According to the results of 2021 the largest exporters of planing machines were Germany (29.1% share), China (16.6%) and Japan (9.8%), which together make up 55.5% of the value of world exports. Obviously, the further development trend of the market of material processing machines, as well as the global economy, will be determined by the results of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war

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Vitaly Gnatush

Candidate of Technical Sciences, PhD,  independent analyst


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