No 3(90) (2020)

Table of Contents


Prediction of the unsteady ventilated partial cavities PDF
Volodymyr Semenenko, Olena Naumova 7-18
Application of exponential functions in weighted residuals method in structural mechanics. Part 1: axisymmetrical shell problem. PDF
Igor Orynyak, Yulia Bai 19-28
Experimental study of materials resistance to cavitation erosion PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Luhovskyi, Andrii Zilinskyi, Alina Shulha, Anton Lavrinenkov, Ihor Gryshko, Iryna Bernyk 29-33
Operability Study of Overhung Pump Being Under Special Dynamic Loads PDF (Русский)
Andrei Rudenko, Vyacheslav Khvorost 34-42

Aviation Systems and Technologies

Effectiveness of Engineering Service Organizations in Global Projects Execution PDF
Aleksei Stepin 43-47
Surface modification of flat cable conductors: a path to withstand the aggressive space environment PDF
Jacob Kleiman, Zelina Iskanderova 48-56
Updating of technological base of repair of components FROM POLYMER COMPOSITE MATERIALS OF AIRFRAME PDF (Українська)
Roman Kachmar, Gheorghij Kryvov, Dmytro Jermolin, Valerij Matvijenko, Volodymyr Baklan, Artem Rudjko 57-63
Сorrosion resistance of the welded junction of aluminum alloy of the Al-Mg-Si-Cu system PDF
Lyudmila Nyrkova, Svetlana Osadchuk, Tetiana Labur, Yulia Borisenko 64-72

Up-to-date machines and the technologies of mechanical engineering

Flat surfaces machining by the magneto-abrasive method with permanent magnet end-type heads. The influence of the design of the working surfaces of the heads on the effectiveness of the magneto-abrasive machining PDF
Victor Maiboroda, Dmytro Dzhulii, Andrii Zelinko, Aleksey Burikov 73-81
Development of Avinit duplex technology to increase the wear resistance of the gearbox separator PDF (Українська)
Alex Sagalovych, Viktor Popov, Vladislav Sagalovych, Stas Dudnik, Andrey Edinovych, Alexander Stupakov 82-87
Heat protective coatings on niobium alloys PDF
Vitaliy Babak, Boris Lyashenko, Vitaliy Shchepetov, Sergei Kharchenko 88-98
Improving the performance of human hip implants by improving the processing quality and geometric accuracy of their spherical surfaces PDF (Русский)
Raul Turmanidze, G. Popkhadze, К. Inasharidze 99-105
Calculation of the size of a hollow workpiece with a thin wall with interchangeabe thickness and determination of the parameters of its crimping in a matrix with a cone-cylindrical deforming surface PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Kaliuzhnyi, Oleksandr Kaliuzhnyi, Kostiantyn Marchuk 106-112
Algorithmization of the combined approach to the synthesis of engineering solutions PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Litvin, Sergey Pankov, Iryna Yashchuk 113-119
Stress-strain state during recovery objects with corrosion defects by welding PDF (Українська)
Iryna Perepichai, Andrii Perepichai, Constantine Zvorykin 120-125