No 1(82) (2018)

Table of Contents

Cutting forces in gear machining by disk milling cutters PDF
S. Pasternak, Y. Danylchenko 5-11
Theoretical and experimental research of roughness parameters of the lantern wheel profile of gerotor, that are provided by grinding in continuously gear generating conditions PDF (Українська)
А. Gnatyuk, О. Skibinskiy, А. Kyrychenko 12-19
Improvement of industrial air dehumidification systems by using of ultrasonic vibrations PDF (Українська)
А. Luhovskiy, V. Коvalev, V. Fesich, E. Dudka 20-27
Analysis of formation and deformed state of thin-wall tube workpiece obtained by a new method of deformation PDF (Українська)
О. E. Markov, A. О. Sharun, A. V. Gerasimenko, М. S. Kosilov 28-33
Analysis of strength of composite cellular scope of scanner of a space apparatus under harmonic vibrations at the stage of introduction to orbit PDF (Русский)
V. Masley, M. Kryshchuk, A. Tsybenko 34-42
The energy approach application for the behavior analysis of the non-idealized mechanical and hydromechanical systems PDF (Українська)
О. Machuga, О. Yakhno 43-50
Peculiarities of physical modeling of hydrodynamics of flow in conical slide bearings PDF (Русский)
F. Razavi, O. Koval 51-57
About calculations of net-tension failure of a bolted joint on the weakened by hole cross-section of composite plate PDF (Русский)
K. Rudakov, Y. Dyfuchyn 58-66
Criterial equations for describing boundary conditions of thermal loading during tests of models of gas turbine engine blades in gas flows PDF (Русский)
M. M. Feofentov, Е. O. Zadvornyi 67-74
Investigation of the processes of the acoustic apparatus with the processing technological environment power interaction PDF
I. Bernyk 75-81
The influence of the parameter γ choice on the variation of the pressure and flow rate, when the valve is closed at the end by the gravity feeding of the pipeline PDF
B. Hoggas, C. Hezil 82-91
Heating (thermogenesis) in rapid internal combustion engine PDF (Українська)
P. M. Hashchuk, S. V. Nikipchuk 92-99
Flow control valve with the polymer envelope as control organ PDF (Українська)
V. P. Purdyk, O. L. Brytskiy 100-106
Hydrodynamics in cavitation device under tangential supply fluid PDF (Українська)
N. І. Horodyskyi, Т. М. Vitenko 107-115
Mobile climbing robot with energy recovery PDF
M. Polishchuk, V. Oliinyk 116-122
Application of digital photography in biomechanical studies of osteosynthesis systems PDF
М. S. Shidlovskiy, О. P. Zakhovajko, М. М. Dyman 123-130
Kinetics of damages accumulation and criterion of the limit state of construction materials PDF (Русский)
D. Pham, A. Babak, V. Koval 131-138